Mourning Grove
Upon the Great Plains, during a time that only our ancient ancestors could know, there lives a species that thrives in seas of herds: bison, or Free-Roamers, as they call themselves. The Ice Age has ended, and with the birth of today's modern bison, Prairie, a calf, is nestled in the heart of the plains in a valley known as the Sun Bowl. It is there where she grows up, but under an array of unnerving circumstances--the mysterious vanishings of several male calves, including her close friend Thicken--she leaves the safety of her homelands and travels out into the vastness of the Great Plains. Soon finds herself traveling the distant lands to fulfill a promise, and possibly a strange lore. Unbeknownst to her, Thicken and her father Blackmor, the leader of a famous bachelor-group, are working to settle things with the strangers who steal young bulls. A storm of unusual events is churning that could defy their species' future, and that has always intertwined Prairie with a rather eccentric family tree.

Northern Plains
(Out in July, 2010)

The bison of the north live through fierce weather, roaming the foothills of the giant High Mountains and the surrounding plains. Despite predatory threat and the wrath of nature, these Free-Roamers not only survive, but thrive: one birth-herd, and three bachelor-groups called the Trio. Then, after the year the Frost-Travelers, a herd of the Trio, mysteriously vanish, chaos seems to follow the bison from then on.
   One day, a calf is born, and in spirit of their superstitious ways, the herds grow wary of the little bison thanks to his unusually dark pelt, and the fact that he was found alone without a mother shortly after his birth. Fortunately he is adopted by a loving cow, and becomes the new brother of her birth son. As life goes on, the calf dubbed Blackmor, must struggle to prove himself, despite relentless taunting and unjustified accusations dealt from both peers and adults. But when a summer in the steppes comes that brings forth a strange band of two-legged creatures, Blackmor is blamed for their destructive company. If that wasn't enough, he learns of an alarming lore that could possibly involve those eccentric beasts, and perhaps even Blackmor himself; a tale that foresees a future of unyielding suffering for the herds if the Trio does not unite all three bachelor-groups.    Luck continues to oppose him when devastation hits one of the patriarchs of the bachelor-groups, and Blackmor is held responsible for his untimely demise. Now as a fugitive of the north, Blackmor travels the lands, aided by some unusual friends and allies as he seeks answers about his own family, the secrets of the two-leggeds, and most of all, to unravel the mystery of the missing Frost-Travelers.

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Crimson Sunset
(Out in 2011)