Upon the Great Plains, during a time that only our ancient ancestors could know, there lives a species that thrives in seas of herds ...

What is Free-Roamers?

Free-Roamers is a series of anthropomorphic novels for young adults/adults inspired by several others in said genre, (such as "Watership Down" by Richard Adams, not to mention Disney's "The Lion King). I wrote Free-Roamers starting with the first story, "Mourning Grove" back in 2008 when I was 18. I've pretty much written all of the prequel "Nothern Plains" at 19 just finishing up a few things now. Several others will follow including the sequel "Crimson Sunset". My stories are based on the American bison, throughout different time periods. I use as much realism as I can when trying to portray my characters, as in my bison don't just wear clothes and walk upright and bladabladabla; I do, however, spin fantasy into the books and characters, bringing to life my own story, and I use human characteristics (i.e. speaking to each other).

People who might like Free-Roamers:
animal lovers
animal story lovers
bison lovers
fantasy lovers
book lovers

People who like these books might like Free-Roamers:
Watership Down, Plague Dogs (Richard Adams)
Fire Bringer, The Sight, Fell, (David Clement-Davies)
Tail Chaser's Song (Tad Williams)
Warriors series and Seekers series (Erin Hunter)
The Named series (Clare Bell)
Bambi, A Life in the Woods, Bambi's Children, The Story of a Forest Family (Felix Salten)
The Wild Road (Gabriel King)
Windrush series (Victor Digenti)
Silverwing series (Kenneth Oppel)
Mammoth Trilogy (Stephen Baxter)
Foxes of Firstdark, Frost Dancers (Garry Kilworth)
The Firebringer Triology (Meredith Ann Pierce)
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy (Clive Woodall)
The Guardians of Gahoole series, Wolves of the Beyond series (Kathryn Lasky)
Promise of the Wolves (Dorothy Hearst)
The Wolf Chronicles (Vincent A. Kennard)